What is MobileOrg?

MobileOrg is a FREE (open-source) iPhone and iPod Touch application for storing, searching, viewing and editing your Org-mode files.

MobileOrg works offline. Although you may not always be online, you can always access your data. You can even capture notes while offline and sync the next time you have connectivity.


2013-07-26: MobileOrg finally has a new maintainer and has been released in the app store! (AppStore link). Development is taking place on github and feedback is very welcome. Non-programmers can even contribute by working on a new documentation site, see the code repository: github pages and view the beta MobileOrg site which needs a lot more work. Any contributions are welcome.
2013-01-10: New maintainership is being organized, please email mobileorg@spandrel.org if you have questions or are interested in contributing, thanks!
2013-01-02: MobileOrg needs a new maintainer after all! Please contact me (see email on support page) if you can take over this project and bring it back to life.
2012-09-26: MobileOrg is temporarily removed from the app store but will return soon, as maintainership is being transferred to another developer. Will update soon!
2012-08-20: MobileOrg needs a new maintainer! If you are interested, please contact me (see support page for contact) (Link to request)
2010-10-30: MobileOrg 1.5.1 has been released, fixes crash some users have reported after syncing.
2010-10-26: MobileOrg 1.5 with encryption support released (AppStore link). See what's new. Using Encryption docs.
2010-09-10: MobileOrg 1.4 with iOS 4.x and iPad support released (AppStore link). See what's new.
2010-06-05: MobileOrg 1.3 with Dropbox support! (AppStore link). See what's new.
2009-10-22: Overview screencast posted

Browse your Org-mode files offline.

MobileOrg downloads all of your Org-mode files onto your iPhone or iPod Touch, giving you complete offline freedom.

When you do regain connectivity, just press the Sync button and you will be up-to-date in no time.

Capture notes on the go.

MobileOrg lets you capture your thoughts wherever you are. Existing notes and tasks can be marked as DONE, or flagged for later review.

Notes are simply appended to an Org file on your server, and can be refiled easily when you return to your desk in Org-mode.

Edit your Org-files anywhere.

Now you can change your Org-files anywhere: mark an item as done, change priorities, add tags, even change headings and body text.

When you return to your desktop, a single Emacs command will integrate your changes back into your Org-files.